About Miro Manufacturing

A Long History of Continual Improvement

Miro Tool & Mfg. was established in 1988 by Jeff and Shelley Brown as a tool & die shop with 4 employees. In the beginning we strictly built tooling, jigs and fixtures. Over the years Miro invested in production equipment to support its tool and die operations. However, serving as support equipment, the machines were idle too often to make a profitable contribution to the company. That’s when the evolution started.

Building on our background as a tool & die shop, Miro has evolved into contract manufacturing with a focus on metal stamping, fabrication and machining. As a result, Miro has changed its name to Miro Manufacturing Inc. – a better representation of who we are. Miro strives for diversity in all ways for the benefit of our company, our employees, our customers and our suppliers. The company partners with customers from product design through the manufacturing of parts and assemblies.

From Start to Part

Miro was once invited by a customer to work with their product design group to come up with the best part of its kind ever produced. The part had to meet stringent quality standards, yet be affordable. Once design issues were resolved, Miro built prototype tooling and produced prototype parts. After the part was adjusted to the customer’s satisfaction, Miro built low volume tooling and produced several hundred parts to be run in test products. Testing proved the product a success and Miro designed and built the production tool that we still use today to stamp the part for our customer on a production basis.

Over the years this story has played out many times with various parts for various customers.

From design to prototype to tooling to production of the finished part - let us start working with your product designers today and take your project from Start to Part.

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From "Start To Part" Miro Delivers the Complete Solution

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