Contract Metal Stamping Services

Miro Invests in Servo Press Technology

Miro Manufacturing has added a 330 ton Komatsu servo press equipped with a 36” wide CWP ServoMax feed line to its contract manufacturing services stamping operation. A Komatsu servo press is a complete integrated press system which utilizes technology to improve the entire stamping process. Accuracy, repeatability and power are three key advantages a servo press has over a mechanical press. Stroke, slide motion, slide position and speed are all programmable and adjustable.

Miro’s customers will benefit from this investment through the press’

  1. Optimization of the speed a die can run at
  2. Ability to dwell for processes such as in die tapping and part or fastener insertion and
  3. Characteristics allowing for increased die life

Further benefits include decreased production costs stemming from

  1. Minimization of material usage
  2. Lower tooling costs since more work can be done in fewer stations and
  3. Reduced press maintenance and energy costs

Custom Metal Stamping Made Easy with a Battery of Small and Large Stamping Presses

As the foundation of our company, Miro Manufacturing’s team has substantial knowledge and experience in the tooling and stamping industries. We apply this expertise to each customer’s project to ensure consistent delivery and quality of precision metal stampings. As a contract manufacturer we are accustomed to catering to each customer’s specific requirements.

Miro’s team works with customers to establish the most cost effective process to produce the highest quality metal stampings possible. We will become an intricate member of your supply chain by actively participating in your Material Resource Planning, Electronic Data Interchange, Vendor Managed Inventory and Kanban systems.

large stamping press, precision metal stamping, contract manufacturing services

1,000 ton press – 60” x 144” bolster – 48” coil feed line.

Extensive metal stamping capabilities allow Miro to accommodate diverse customer needs

  • Miro has produced precision metal stampings from materials including mild steel, high strength low alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, nickel, Delrin, fiber, Kapton, paper, phenolic, Teflon and more. Material thicknesses span from 0.005” to 0.500”.
  • Miro’s presses range from 60 to 1,000 tons, with bed sizes to 60” x 144”, and coil feed lines to 48” wide. The vast range of our equipment allows us to run small dies as well as large dies, producing both your small parts and large parts. View our "Capabilities and Equipment List" for a complete list of metal stamping equipment.
  • All tooling is designed and built by Miro. Proficiencies include progressive, blank, form, draw and compound dies. Our tool room has often times proved to be the saving grace for customers looking to relocate a troublesome stamping.
  • Miro can handle your stampings from low volume to high. Our contract manufacturing services offer alternatives for customers with very low volume requirements.

large stamping press, precision metal stamping, contract manufacturing services

We offer many value-added services. Simplify your supply chain by placing one purchase order with Miro. We will deliver your project complete.

  • Heat Treat
  • Tumble & Deburr
  • Welding
  • Plating
  • Powder Coat
  • E Coat
  • Assembly
  • Fastener Installation
  • Packaging

Metal Stamping Services

From advice with your part design, to prototyping, to low volume production for the testing of your products or for setting up your weld lines, to full blown production tooling and production stamping. Miro can help you from start to part.

Our customers trust us to deliver quality parts, on time, every time. Given the opportunity Miro will do the same for you. Contact us today.

large stamping press, precision metal stamping, contract manufacturing services

600 ton press – 54” x 84” bolster.

From "Start To Part" Miro Delivers the Complete Solution

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