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Full-Service Tool Room – Backbone of Our Operation

Many metal stampers have tool rooms capable of maintaining their production tooling. Some stampers offer a full-service tool room. Miro Manufacturing offers comprehensive tooling services with a world-class, on-site tool room – taking things to a whole other level.

Miro has taken over the production of stamped parts from much larger companies who said the part couldn’t be made per print with existing tooling. Our tool room worked its magic, proving the assessment incorrect and our stamping department produced parts per print. Not bragging, it’s simply the facts. It’s what we do.

tooling services

Tooling worn out and struggling to make parts per print?

Transfer the tooling to Miro. We will rescue your tooling and stamp your parts while we build the replacement tooling. Once complete, we will PPAP the new tooling and seamlessly switch over without interrupting your production requirements. We’ve done it for others. We can do it for you.

Miro provides full in-house design services featuring SOLIDWORKS. Part simulation is performed as necessary. As-built designs are kept on file for future engineering changes and replacement components, translating into reduced downtime.

While Miro has designed and built most types of tooling, our knowledgeable and experienced tool makers excel at progressive, blank, form, draw and compound dies. Our tooling has produced precision metal stampings from a variety of steels including stainless and high strength low alloy, aluminum, brass, copper, nickel and many other materials ranging from 0.005” to 0.500” thick. We maintain current technology in wire EDM and CNC machining to provide speed, efficiency and accuracy in the manufacturing of your tooling. Our toolmakers are experts when it comes to in-die tapping, in-die fastener insertion, sensors, prototype tooling, fixtures and gages. Miro’s high quality, cost effective tooling keeps production up and operation costs down.

Miro can help...

Whether your project involves new parts requiring new tooling, or parts you need to resource because current sources have fallen short. We can handle easy, but then again if it was easy anybody could do it. That’s why customers often contact us when things are beyond easy. Miro has developed a reputation for reliability as a tool maker. That experience translates into precision, repeatability and consistent quality for all the metal stampings we produce. Get Miro involved from the start.

View our “Capabilities and Equipment List” for a complete list of our Tooling Services equipment.

tooling services

tooling services

Upper half of draw die

tooling services

Lower half of draw die

From "Start To Part" Miro Delivers the Complete Solution

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