Miro Manufacturing will be your partner from the beginning of the design process through engineering until shipment of the completed fabrication made to your exact specifications.


Miro offers different cutting services to best match your needs and budget. Our laser and waterjet machines are equipped with nesting software to optimize material usage and reduce cost.

  • Laser: Cut aluminum to 1/2“ thick, stainless steel to ¾” thick and carbon steel to 1” thick. Maximum sheet size is 60” x 120”
  • Waterjet: Cut virtually any material. Miro’s maximum cutting thickness is 7”. Maximum sheet size is 72” x 144”.
  • Blank die: Cost effective for parts with sufficient volume. Miro will design and build the die as well as produce the blanks in house.
  • Wire EDM: Miro’s wire EDM service is a go to option when extreme precision is required.


CNC press brake capability to 360 tons with bed lengths to 14′.

Miro’s SafanDarley H-Brake Ultra 360 ton CNC press brake is equipped with

  • E-Bend L Blue angle measurement system which utilizes two blue lasers to constantly monitor and adjust the machine guaranteeing a final product with the highest angle precision.
  • An electrically powered CNC table to aid with the handling and forming of sheet goods and large parts.
  • A Start/Stop feature that automatically switches off the main motor when the machine is running in idle minimizing energy consumption and reducing CO2 emissions.


For projects involving more extensive forming Miro will design, build and run form tooling in our stamping presses.


Miro is capable of welding any alloy that is process compatible and will do so per your specifications.

  • Capabilities: MIG, TIG, spot, stud, rotary
  • Material types: Carbon and stainless steels, aluminum and more
  • Material shapes: Sheet, plate, tube, pipe, bar, structural, angle


Miro provides painting, anodizing, galvanizing, plating and more, outsourcing the work to local specialists. This simplifies logistics, as only one purchase order needs to be issued.


Whether your project involves a sub component or complete product assembly with consumer ready packaging, Miro can accommodate your needs.

Miro Gets Involved with Your Fabrication Project from Prototype to Production

Our team works with your product designers and engineers to ensure that your intentions become reality. As things begin to take shape, we prototype the part(s) allowing you to review, test and modify until everything is spot on and ready for production. Miro’s extensive fabrication services enable us to supply your parts, weldments and products complete.

True Contract Manufacturer – The Right Stuff for the Right Job

When your success exceeds your expectation, it may become necessary to change manufacturing processes to reduce your costs. Depending on part configuration and volume, a transition from fabrication to stamping may be in your best interest. With Miro you can change processes without changing suppliers. Let us be your single source supplier and simplify your supply chain.

Miro Manufacturing, your single source solution to various, growing and evolving needs. Your partner From Start to Part.

View our “Capabilities and Equipment List” for a complete list of our Fabrication equipment.