Metal Laser Cutting Services

Precision Laser Metal Cutting in Mild Steel, Stainless Steel & Aluminum

metal laser cutting services

Laser Cut Sheet Metal

Miro offers laser cutting services as one of our metal fabrication capabilities. Precision metal laser cutting is a fast, cost effective and highly accurate means of cutting. Miro’s lasers are capable of cutting aluminum to ½” thick, stainless steel to ¾” and mild steel to 1”.

Our newest metal laser cutter, an 8000 watt fiber laser with full load and unload automation, is perfect for your project involving higher volumes. The cutting speed of this machine is amazing - watch the video on the right. Lasers produce a cut surface near a machined finish - potentially eliminating secondary operations and reducing cost.

Laser Cut Parts & Marking

Metal laser cutters are ideal for fabricating intricate custom laser cut metal parts from steel, carbon steel, or aluminum. With metal laser cutting, changeovers between parts are efficient, with short setup times.

Capabilities include etching information such as part numbers, art or weld prep markings on a variety of materials including steel, plastic and wood.

Additional precision metal laser cutting capabilities:

  • Nitrogen cutting which eliminates carbon buildup on the part’s edges rendering them paint ready
  • Nesting software that maximizes material usage and minimizes cost
  • Maximum stock sheet size of 60” x 120”
  • Miro also offers waterjet cutting

Custom Metal Laser Cutting in Wisconsin & beyond

Located near Milwaukee, Miro provides custom metal laser cutting services and contract CNC machining throughout Wisconsin and nationwide. Our laser metal cutting capabilities deliver high-quality results to manufacturers coast to coast.

Miro has earned a reputation for reliability with laser fabrication. Our capabilities and experience result in unmatched precision, repeatability and consistent quality in every laser fabrication project. For best results, get Miro involved from the very start. 

Contact us today for a quote on metal laser cutting.

Laser Fabrication

If your project involves production of lower to medium volumes, Miro’s laser cutting services will accommodate your needs. For your parts that require forming, Miro has press brakes to 360 tons with bed lengths of 14’ and punch presses to 1,000 tons with bed sizes to 60” x 144”. Miro’s weld capabilities include MIG, TIG, spot, stud, rotary and sonic. We work with carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

Miro Manufacturing: your choice for laser cut parts and fabrications produced complete to your specifications.

View our “Capabilities and Equipment List” for a complete list of our Metal Laser Cutting Services equipment.


metal laser cutting company near Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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