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Precision Custom Waterjet Cutting 

waterjet cutting Milwaukee & Waukesha Wisconsin

Miro Manufacturing’s fabrication capabilities include waterjet cutting. Waterjet cutting is neither better nor worse than laser metal cutting, CNC machining, or wire EDM. It's a matter of using the right tool for the job.

Water Jet Cutting Materials

Using ultra high-pressure water combined with a garnet abrasive, waterjet machines can cut virtually any material – both ferrous and nonferrous metals including stainless steel, aluminum and titanium, as well as composites, foam, glass, plastic, rubber, stone and much more.

Water Jet Cutting vs Laser Cutting

Waterjets have an advantage over lasers in that waterjet cutting is a cold cutting technology. The absence of heat eliminates distortion and mechanical stresses, and reduces or eliminates costly secondary finishing operations. Waterjets also have the ability to cut reflective materials.

Precision & Productivity 

In the production of high-precision parts it's extremely important to control the taper accuracy of a waterjet. Greatly reducing cut speed is one way to easily reduce or eliminate taper, but it comes at a great cost in productivity. The taper control system on Miro’s waterjet automatically adjusts the cut for maximum taper accuracy without sacrificing cutting speed, providing you with the highest quality cut at minimum cost.

Example of our water jet accuracy:

water jet metal cutting example stainless steel metal part with high precision water jet cuts

Waterjet Cutting in Milwaukee, Waukesha & SE Wisconsin

Located in Waukesha, Wisconsin, MIRO serves businesses in Milwaukee, Waukesha, and all of Southeast Wisconsin with precise and cost-effective waterjet cutting services. Our service area includes Madison, Brookfield, New Berlin, West Allis, Wisconsin, Illinois, the entire Midwest and throughout the United States.

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Water Jet Cutting Capabilities

  • 60 H.P. / 90,000 PSI pump provides force to cut materials up to 7” thick
  • Maximum stock sheet size: 72” x 144”
  • Nesting software maximizes material usage & minimizes cost
  • Trimming castings
  • Miro also offers precision laser cutting

Miro currently produces a part that requires waterjet cutting, CNC machining, assembly and welding. As your premier contract manufacturer, you can rely on us to manufacture all your projects whether they involve one fabrication process or many.

View our Capabilities and Equipment List for details on our waterjet cutting equipment.

Mitsubishi X4-Series MW-X4-612 waterjet cutting machine in Wisconsin waterjet cutting company workshop

custom waterjet cutting

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